Partnership with Norris Thermal Technologies, Inc

Partnership with Norris Thermal Technologies


Torresak, LLC announces with pride its partnership with Norris Thermal Technologies, Inc. of Tippecanoe, Indiana to manufacture and sell TorresakTM    and Herbsaktm  bulk packaging systems.

Torresak’s Modified Atmosphere Atmosphere bulk packaging systems and bags use vacuum sealing, compaction and Nitrogen purge to keep flammable or products safe and fresh. Torresak bags are used by the biochar and hemp industries to reduce self- ignition and prevent loss of essential oils. 

Norris Thermal Technologies designs and manufactures several product lines including Beltomatic Dryers and Gam Changer Smokers. Norris is the sole North American representative for Safesteril Steam Sterilization and Biogreen.

These two product lines are based on Spirajoule technology from ETIA, based out of France.