FAQs - Herbsak & Torresak Products

Answers to the most commonly asked questions about our products:

Yes, to work properly our proprietary vacuum sealing/N2 purge bagging system is required.

Yes; extra long filling and discharge spouts permit up to 3 uses of the bags.

The simple and durable system is easy to operate, but requires some practice to develop expert skill. The typical operator can learn optimal skills after filling/sealing 2-3 bags.

Torresak branded bags can ship within a few days of order, and an inventory of around 1000 bags is maintained.  Custom printed bag orders take around 4months. The equipment is manufactured to order and takes around 6 weeks.

Returns and exchanges

All sales are final. Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns on our products unless the item is damaged upon receipt. 

Please contact us to report any issues with your shipment or product.

For more information regarding our Returns & Exchange Policy please click here.