Torresak is a special kind of bulk FBIC bag which is designed specifically for storing biochar. It is the only purpose-designed supersack for biochar available.  Torresak uses Modified Atmosphere Packaging design and construction to reduce the risk of fire with biochar during storage and transport. Torresak is constructed from food-grade, anti-static materials to prevent sparking. Torresak uses vacuum sealing and nitrogen flush to reduce oxygen content inside the bag to a level below that which is needed for fire to occur.  The hermetic liner prevents the transfer of gas, moisture or oils through the bag.  N2 can’t escape, and O2 can’t get in. Biochar that is packed dry remains dry.

The Torresak system, manufactured by Norris Thermal Technologies of Tippecanoe, IN, is comprised of a vacuum sealer/Nitrogen flush module, a fill module, and a vibratory compaction table, which also serves as a cubic form. The compaction table is run throughout the filling process to remove airspace from in between the biochar particles. This permits 20% more char to be filled into the bag, making shipping more efficient, and also helps to minimize oxygen inside the bag. Compaction also immobilizes the biochar particles and reduces agitation and friction during transport. Nitrogen flush occurs throughout the filling and vacuum sealing process, to assure that any live embers are extinguished as they fall into the nitrogen blanket inside the bag.

The negative pressure applied inside the bag causes the bag shape to conform and hold to the cubic shape of the form. The flat-walled “coffee brick” appearance helps to prevent forklift tine punctures and damage from snagging during loading. The cubic shape of the bulk bag facilitates stacking, and the carefully calculated size of the Torresak permits double stacking inside a shipping container to within 1” of the ceiling. This maximizes use of interior container volume and shipping efficiency.

Torresak’s unique appearance and design presents a strong branding opportunity to users. Two side panels can be printed up to 2 colors with promotional graphics, increasing the Torresak’s marketing impact for our customers.

Be Safe! Use Torresak as your biochar bulk packaging solution!