Mission Statement

Our company, Torresak LLC exists to help our customers operate safely and to preserve the value of their products during storage and transport. We will accomplish these aims by selling only the highest quality Modified Atmosphere bulk bags and packaging systems, and by holding our employees to the highest ethical standards when conducting business.

President and CEO of Torresak, LLC

Tom Nelson

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What is Modified Atmosphere Packaging?

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is a packaging method commonly used to preserve freshness in dried foods. Certain foods degrade rapidly in contact with light, moisture or oxygen present in ambient air. MAP was developed in France in the 1830’s to extend the shelf life of produce. MAP typically works by separating the product from ambient environmental conditions using hermetic, high barrier property packaging films. These prevent the transfer of liquids, gases and vapors through the package walls. Many times it is advantageous to modify the atmosphere inside of a package by removing the oxygen and flushing with an inert gas, such as Nitrogen. Modifying the atmosphere inside the package to lower oxygen content and remove moisture can help to extend the shelf life of perishable dried foods. The hermetic barrier can also prevent the loss of essential aromatic oils to evaporation, preserving value and flavor.  The TorresakTM Bulk Modified Atmosphere Packaging Solution is designed to help prevent biochar from self-heating and igniting.  HerbsakTM is intended to prevent the loss of CBD oil in dried hemp, and to extend the shelf life of the hemp in the period after harvest and before CBD oil extraction.