3rd Generation Packaging Machine

Torresak Packaging Machine
Torresak Packaging Machine
Torresak Packaging Machine

This is a third generation machine, incorporating many design improvements found during the development process. This machine can package around 4 bags per hour, or over 1 ton of material, depending on the bulk density of the product. It is intended for dry bulk solid materials. This machine provides nitrogen gas purge to keep reactive materials and foods shelf stable. Height adjustable hooks for corner loops stretches the bag open to full capacity. Vibratory compaction settles out the material particles to remove O2 from inside the bag, and to allow 20% more material to be filled for maximum shipping facility. The vacuum pump used is a simple shop vac, enabling quick and low cost replacement as needed. The proprietary design of of the low velocity, high capacity vacuum nozzle removes air from within the bag without removing any product fines.

Interested in renting our packaging solution?

System rental availability with the purchase of 200 bags.

Transportation charges will apply. 

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