Bulksak (Box of 6) - Unlined Supersack for Hemp

Bulksak (Box of 6) - Unlined Supersack for Hemp

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The Bulksak ships in a box containing 6 x Bulksaks.

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For orders of more than 10 boxes (60 units) please visit:
BULK ORDERING for a custom quote including shipping costs.

Product Specifications

Bulksak, unlined 36x36x46, duffle top, spout bottom. 

  • This bag is for one time use only.
  • Do not drag FIBC's on the ground
  • Do protect from rain and/or prolonged sunlight
  • Do not lift on one or two lifting loops. If fallen over, lift
  • Do inflate the FIBC and the liner before filling them up by using a rope through all four loops
  • Do adjust forklift-tines to the correct width
  • Do not allow personnel under suspended bag
  • Do use lifting gear of sufficient capacity
  • Do close the FIBC securely after filling 0132
  • Do not withdraw forklift tines prior to relieving the load on the lifting devices
  • Do not use sharp-edged forklift tines or hooks
  • Do not exceed the Safe Working Load Do not bang filled bags against forklift mast Country

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