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President and CEO of Torresak, LLC

Tom Nelson

Tom Nelson is a 26 year veteran entrepreneur from the plastics and packaging industry, located in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Between 2015 and 2019, Tom developed the Torresak TM (Patent Pending) Bulk Packaging System for biochar and torrefied biomass.

Torresak is a Modified Atmosphere Package (MAP) that helps to reduce the risk of fire when storing and transporting biochar.

In 2019, Tom formed a partnership with Norris Thermal Technologies to handle manufacture, parts and service of the Torresak packaging system. Through the partnership with Norris Thermal, Tom became aware of a major problem in the burgeoning hemp CBD oil business.  There is typically a lapse of several months between harvest and CBD oil extraction from hemp. In this interval, significant CBD oil content in hemp is lost to evaporation.

In October of 2018, Tom modified the Torresak system to produce HerbsakTM , which uses the same hermetic, vacuum sealed, N2  flush system to modify atmosphere inside a bulk bag of hemp. The high barrier property of the Herbsak liner prevents loss of essential CBD oil, and preserves the value of stored hemp for up to 1 year.

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