Herbsak - Modified Atmosphere Packaging For Hemp

Herbsak - Modified Atmosphere Packaging For Hemp

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Our 3rd generation packaging machine is required for our Herbsak bags.
System rental availability with the purchase of 200 bags.

Product Specifications

Size 42 x 42 x 72
Interior Volume 2.72 yard3 
Stackable No
Food Grade Materials Yes
Anti-Static No
Vacuum Sealed Yes
N2 Flush Yes
High Barrier Liner Yes
Compaction Yes
Particles Immobilized Yes
2 Color Printing Yes
Oxygen Sensor Optional


Herbsak is a specialty bulk FBIC bag that was developed to lengthen product shelf life and preserve active ingredients in a variety of products, serving many industries. These include dried herbs, dried vegetables, dried spices, as well as powdered foods, detergents, fertilizers, and pharmaceutical formulations.; Loss of aromatic oils, and the caking of hydrophilic powders are major problems that Herbsak solves. Herbsak was developed as an offshoot of Torresak’s Modified Atmosphere Packaging technology and is very similar in concept. The somewhat larger (2.72 cubic yards) Herbsak utilizes the same vacuum sealing/N2 flush system as the Torresak hermetic biochar bag, with the main difference being the lack of Torresak’s anti-static materials, as they are not needed in this context.

Herbsak brings great value to hemp producers because it enables growers to store dried hemp for extended periods without loss of essential CBD oil content over time. The high barrier film liner prevents the transfer of the oils out of the bag.  In addition, biological deterioration such as rotting is slowed down by the anaerobic atmosphere inside the Herbsak.