Torresak - Modified Atmosphere Packaging For Biochar

Torresak - Modified Atmosphere Packaging For Biochar

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Our 3rd generation packaging machine is required for our Torresak bags.
System rental availability with the purchase of 200 bags.

Product Description

Torresak is a special kind of bulk FBIC bag that is designed specifically for storing biochar. It is the only purpose-designed supersack for biochar available. Torresak uses Modified Atmosphere Packaging design and construction to reduce the risk of fire with biochar during storage and transport. Torresak is constructed from food-grade, anti-static materials to prevent sparking. Torresak uses vacuum sealing and nitrogen flush to reduce oxygen content inside the bag to a level below that which is needed for fire to occur. The hermetic liner prevents the transfer of gas, moisture, or oils through the bag. N2 can’t escape, and O2 can’t get in. Biochar that is packed dry remains dry.

Bag Specifications

Size 42 x 42 x 46
Interior Volume 1.67cu yard
Stackable Yes
Food Grade Materials Yes
Anti-Static Yes
Vacuum Sealed Yes
N2 Flush Yes
High Barrier Liner Yes
Compaction Yes
Particles Immobilized Yes
2 Color Printing Yes
Oxygen Sensor Optional